Online Banking

e-Bill Pay

Setting up automatic withdrawals from your checking account to pay bills can help substantially increase your time and decrease your effort when paying your bills. Free e-Bill Pay allows you to set up when, where and how much to pay on your expenses without leaving your home or work computer.

  •  Your account is debited on the same day as the 'Pay Date' for each payee, not on the day you set up the payment electronically
  •  Payments are set up in advance to ensure they are received by the payment date
  •  Extended daily payment cut off time to 10 p.m.
  •  Earliest ‘Pay Date’ available will show automatically with new payments 
  •  e-mail reminders available when a bill is due
  •  Added security with e-mail notifications of new payees 
  • Transfer money To or From your account at other Financial Institutions with your CBC account

Additional optional services available for a small fee include:

  •  Same day payments, available through some electronic payees
  •  Next day payments, available with all payees
  •  Person-to-person payments; make payments to anyone with an e-mail address or cell phone number with Popmoney®

Online Banking Customers: Log in to Online Banking, select the checking account you wish to pay bills from, scroll to the "Bill Payment" tab to get started.

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To learn more, view a tutorial about e-Bill Pay at ourOnline Resource Center.


Sign up for this FREE service and receive secure, automated account status alerts delivered electronically via email and/or text message to your mobile device.* e-Alerts can notify you when your balance is low, or a deposit has been made to your account, or when certain items clear your account.

Signing-up for e-Alerts is easy!

Online Banking Customers: Log into Online Banking, and then click on the "Alerts" link in the yellow header. Then click on "Checking Alerts" or "Saving Alerts" to get started.

E-Alerts Exmample

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To learn more, view information about CBC e-Alerts at our Online Resource Center.

*Text messaging fees may apply for receiving e-Alerts, please check with your mobile service provider for details.


Don’t waste time running from bank to bank , with e-Transfer you can make self-service funds transfers between accounts at different financial institutions. Manage all of your finances from one convenient location – your Online CBC National Bank®!

Online Banking Customers: Log on to Online Banking, select the "Transfer" link to get started.


E-Transfer Screen Shot

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To learn more, view information about CBC e-Transfer in the e-Bill Pay video located at our Online Resource Center.


Go paperless and green with free electronic account statements (including your check images) delivered securely through our Online Banking.

Sign up for e-Statements making it easy to receive your account statements electronically. You will be notified by your email address of choice immediately as they become available.

Online Banking Customers: Log into your Online Banking, and then scroll to "Electronic Statements" under the "Profile" tab to get started. Your statements will soon be available under the "Documents" tab.

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To learn more, view information about CBC e-Statements at our Online Resource Center.

e-Corp Business Online Banking

We want to save you time and money by providing you a convenient and sophisticated way to manage your business funds. You can transform your corporate computer into a CBC National Bank branch office with our value-packed suite of safe and secure electronic products and services that include:

Automated Clearing House (ACH):

Generate recurring monthly/weekly/daily electronic payments for accounts payable and/or accounts receivable between your business and another business regardless of where they bank. Click here to learn more about ACH.

Payroll Function:

Generate a payroll file that allows for direct deposit to employees’ personal bank accounts at any financial institution.

Administrative Options:

Allows for authorization of specific employees to perform specific tasks within designated accounts and allows for dual control of transactions.

Transaction Management:

A business owner or trusted employee can be assigned as corporate administrator to review and authorize funds and file transfers before they reach the bank.

Real-Time Account Access and Review: 

Review all of your accounts at our financial institution and display up-to-the-minute account balances and applicable loan information.

Real-Time Fund Transfers:

Multiple types of funds transfers can be performed in real time.

Wire Services:

Initiate and confirm your own outgoing wire transfers using pre-existing templates designed to your specifications.

Stop Item Management:

Issue stop payment on items, search and research stop payments.

Export Transactions:

Export to Excel®, Quicken®, QuickBooks® or other accounting software.

Check and Deposit Images:

Display and print check images and deposit ticket images.